About us

The four guest rooms in the Manegg district are located in an apartment building owned by the WOGENO cooperative. One of the fundamental ideas behind WOGENO is self-management of a building by its community of residents and the organisation of these residents within a ‘Hausverein’ (cooperative association for governance of the apartment building). Within the Hausverein, there are various working groups that organise different aspects of life within this community.

There are six members of the guest room working group, collectively known as the Zimmer Manegg association, which is responsible for management of these guest rooms. In regular meetings and in constant coordination with one another, we take care of the furniture, the bookings, the organisation of cleaning and the accounts. We assume all of these management and administrative tasks on a voluntary basis. One of the residents of the building is employed by the association to clean the rooms.

Unfortunately, we rarely meet our guests in person, but always welcome feedback on our service by e-mail or via the survey link after a stay.

General Information and Rental Terms