Terms of Use

General Information and Rental Terms

The association

The guest rooms are managed by volunteers from the Zimmer Manegg association in their free time. The address of the association is Zimmer Manegg, Allmendstrasse 151, 8041 Zurich.

'Strasse in der Luft'

The guest rooms are located at Allmendstrasse 149-153, 8041 Zurich, on the 3rd floor. They are accessed by the indoor common area, Strasse in der Luft, which is available for use by all residents and is also available to the renting parties and their guests. Please ensure that the Strasse in der Luft is left tidy at all times.


There are no special parking spaces available for the parties renting the guest rooms or their guests. If available, the paid visitor parking spaces in the underground car park can be used. The car park entrance is located at the front of the building, at the Allmendstrasse/Spindelstrasse junction. The charge for the first hour is 0.50 CHF, then CHF 2 per hour at the peak rate (Monday - Saturday 8 am-8 pm) and CHF 0.50 per hour at the off-peak rate (Monday - Saturday 8pm to 8am and Sundays).


Free WiFi is available in all rooms. Access details are provided in the room. No guarantees are provided for basic functionality of the WiFi or a minimum data speed. Use of the WiFi network is subject to compliance with applicable law.


Bookings may be made by residents of the Manegg district and the Sihlgarten and Sihlbogen residential areas. No more than 20 nights may be booked within a 60-day period. Overnight stays on working days (arrival and departure between Monday and Friday within one calendar week) can also be booked directly by external guests no more than 4 weeks in advance. Room D is only rented to members of the Hausverein Manegg (WOGENO). Booking requests are binding for guests; however, the booking only becomes valid upon e-mail confirmation of the reservation from the Zimmer Manegg association. This confirmation will typically be sent within 24 hours. If this should not be received for technical reasons (due to an incorrect e-mail address or spam filter for example), it is the booking party’s responsibility to get back in touch with the association and request the confirmation. Room availability can be viewed online, booking requests can be submitted on the booking page up to three days before arrival. The Zimmer Manegg association will be happy to respond to special or short-notice enquiries by e-mail.


Payment of the full amount must be made by bank transfer prior to the arrival date. The account information of the association will be sent together with the booking confirmation. In exceptional cases, other payment options can be arranged by e-mail. The total amount stated during the booking includes any cleaning fees and incidental charges.


The facilities of the individual rooms can be viewed online. Rooms A and B have cooking facilities and a bathroom, rooms C and D have only a shared toilet in the corridor with a simple shower. The shower cubicle has a raised threshold and a small diameter of 75 cm. Bed linen is provided and is laundered at the end of the rental period. No TV is provided.


Please leave all rooms tidy. The rooms will be cleaned professionally at the end of the rental period.

Handover of keys

The keys are available from 16:00 on the day of arrival and must be returned by 10:00 on the day of departure. Information on key collection will be e-mailed on the day before arrival (before 09:00). The renting parties are fully liable for any loss of keys.

Rental agreement

As a rule, the renting parties are the hosts who are entitled to make the booking, not their guests. Direct rental to external guests is only possible for overnight stays on weekdays (arrival and departure between Monday and Friday within one calendar week). The renting parties are solely responsible for the booking, correspondence, payment, handover of keys and for careful use of the guest rooms. Upon the e-mail confirmation, the rental agreement becomes binding for the booked period.


Upon arrival, the rooms will be handed over to the renting parties in perfect condition. If defects are present at the time of handover or if the inventory is incomplete, the renting parties must report this immediately. On departure, the room must be left in perfect condition with the complete inventory. The renting parties shall compensate for any damage to the rental property and missing inventory.


Cancellations may be submitted by e-mail free of charge up to 10 days prior to arrival. For refunds, an IBAN must be provided at the time of cancellation. If the cancellation is made less than 10 days prior to arrival, the cost of the entire booking period will be due minus CHF 10 per night and minus the cleaning charge. If the cancellation is made for part of the booking period only, the cancelled nights minus CHF 10 per night plus the full cleaning fee will be charged. The Zimmer Manegg association reserves the right to cancel a reservation or to adjust the conditions of a booking no later than 8 weeks in advance.


Zimmer Manegg will be happy to respond to any questions or comments by e-mail at info@zimmermanegg.ch.